Your #1 Choice for RV Wash LogoBenjamin's RV Wash

$2 per foot RV Wash

Wash includes: roof wash, bug removal, Meguiars soap, complete scrub down, rinse with spot free water, tire treatment (optional), window and chrome dry. *(Check out our coupons for other options).

$4 per foot RV Wash & Wax

Wash & Wax includes everything mentioned in the Wash plus Hand Wax: complete sides, front and back hand wax and Meguiars. *(RVs 40 feet and longer might not qualify for this price. Check out coupons for other options.)

Starting at $10 a foot Power Buffing

Safely removes light swirls, heavy oxidation & creates a luxurious high gloss finish!

Service RV Roof Coating

Service Ceramic Wax